Bhutani Alphapod

Bhutani Infra is known for its uniqueness and their drive that is constantly taken to give in the land business. Alphathum, business improvement is a case of their greatness and brightness. Recently propelled Bhutani Alphapod Co Working Space at the extraordinary fantastic pinnacles of Alphathum which is known to be the principal business property with an endlessness pool on the top.

OneCulture in Bhutani Alphathum is a melting pot for professionals and organizations from diverse backgrounds. They bring their experience, insights and values to the table and this is what makes our culture so rich. OneCulture is the leading co-working space management company in North India. OneCulture has taken the entire floor for their Alphapod co-working business use. 

Bhutani Group is a name that represents quality and best expectations of conveyances across areas. In the course of the most recent twenty years, this gathering has kept on developing and set benchmarks for the others. With the utilization of best practices in the realm of advancement and steady abilities up-degree has driven Bhutani to be the ruler in the business land industry. An association drove by youthful pioneers Mr. Ashish Bhutani (CEO) and Mr. Sanchit Bhutani (CFO) are the purposes for the example of overcoming adversity of each task been conveyed by them.

Alphapod is Pre-leased co-working space for sale in Bhutani Alphathum.

Alphathum is the quickest selling business venture in India with practically 90% being sold out in a brief time of 2 years. Presently, they have propelled Alphapod at Alphathum at Sector 90, Noida. It offers another and developing idea of office spaces that expenses even not exactly a vehicle. 


Bhutani Alphapod Noida